Out of Africa

When most people plan a vacation, they might consider Disney World or Las Vegas. But Kurt Ferber of Fairmount is a little more adventurous. The 45-year-old co-owner of Fairmount Redi-Mix recently returned home from a 56-day trip to Africa.

Rarely seen on safaris, a serval cat is captured by Ferber’s camera lens.

Ancient Christian churches were carved into volcanic stone in Ethiopia. Kurt
Ferber stand on the steps of one of the early churches to show the scale of
the ancient edifice.

Kurt Ferber and his guide, on right, stop to visit with local children in

Giraffes were just one of the many animals that Ferber photographed on his
safari to the Sarangeti Plain.

A male silverback quietly enjoys his lunch. Mountain gorillas are endangered
and highly protected in Rwanda.

Farmers in Ethiopia’s highland harvest their grain, which is called teff, by hand.


Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania was Ferber’s main quest for his trip to
Africa. He and a group of fellow hikers took eight days to reach the summit
of the 19,340 feet high mountain. Ferber said the view from the top was


Poorly dressed children in Rwanda sing for the tourists.


The mountain climbers pose for a photo.


Pygmy tribal members perform lively dances to the beat of a drum in Rwanda. The dances are a part of their African culture.