Stunkard Cemetery Restoration

Stunkard Cemetery gets much needed face-lift
   Stunkard Cemetery east of Sidell has been returned to its former beauty by a group of dedicated men. Ray High, Bob Thomas and Jim Willis, all of Indianola, undertook the project of resetting, cleaning and painting the fallen stones that littered the country cemetery. Chad Kistler of Kistler Excavating used his equipment to assist with the raising of one large stone with arches.
   This is the third cemetery restored by High and his assistants. They previously restored Lebanon and Weaver cemeteries, both also located in Carroll Township.

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After being reassembled and cleaned, a pillared monument gets a coat of white paint from Bob Thomas.

Walter McNeese was one of the last to be buried in the cemetery. It is believe a later burial was held but no stone marks the grave.


One of the oldest stones is for Mildria Hutt who died in 1842.

Bob Thomas and Ray High lift a cross to the top of one of the tall stones in Stundard Cemetery during the restoration work.

The stone of Morgan Crimmins shows the beauty of the old stones.

A closed book atop a gravestone symbolizes the closure of the person's life on earth. The stone shows the craftsmanship of the 19th century stones.